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Pastors and Leadership

Jesse and Ann MacKenzie

Jesse MacKenzie

Assistant Pastor

Head of Media

Ann MacKenzie

Worship Leader

Jesse and Ann MacKenzie

Pastors of Reveal Youth Ministry

Grades 7th through 12th

Michelle Lackey
Hannah Leonhardt

Michelle Lackey and Hannah Leonhardt

Leaders of Equipped Young Adults Ministry

Theresa and Devin Slagel

Theresa Slagel

Leader of Children's Ministries

Ages 5 years through 6th grade

Devin Slagel

Leader of Ushers Ministry

Sandy and John Hawkins

Sandy Hawkins

Leader of Nursery

and Preschool Ministries

Ages 0 through 4 years

Sara Ramsey
Amber Jordan

Sara Ramsey and Amber Jordan

Leaders of Life Recovery Groups

Love God...Love People...Serve All

Dixie Miller

Dixie Miller

Deacon and Treasurer

Leader of Junior Bible Quizzing (JBQ) 

Integral part of our children's ministry

Sue Ford

Sue Ford

Deacon and
Prayer Partners Leader

Todd and Jolene Kidder

Todd Kidder


Denny and Bonnie MacKenzie

Denny MacKenzie


Steven and Kathy Mayo

Steven and Kathy Mayo

Leaders of Connect Ministry


Kathy Mayo


Joyce Reid

Joyce Reid

Leader of Greeters Ministry

Norm and Carole Barlow

Norm and Carole Barlow

Leaders of Care Ministry

Pastor Alan Leonhardt

Senior Pastor Alan, D.Th 

Pastor Alan Leonhardt has 20 years of senior/head pastor experience; having pastored two thriving Spirit filled churches.


He is a widower, having been married to his wife Nicole for 31 years. They have four daughters, and two sons-in-law. 


Before senior pastoring, Pastor Leonhardt was a youth pastor and music minister for 15 years. With a total of 35 years of ministry experience he has a rich and dynamic teaching gift.  He also has a doctorate in theology and is an author of several books.

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